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To collaborate in this wiki, simply:

  1. review the specific attitudes and skills listed below
  2. add in any you feel are missing; keeping each addition specific to just one trait
  3. add an A for attitude or an S for skill at the end of each entry.

Thank you!

Expert, independent learners have the ability to:

  • use curiosity to drive their learning journey (A)
  • find a keen interest in all aspects of their subject (A)
  • take risks without fear of failure or recrimination (A)
  • keep going when they want to stop (A)


  • manage their own learning – organised (S)
  • use learning technologies (S)


  • reflect on their own performance (S)
  • evaluate others’ work (S)
  • research (S)
  • read and interpret texts (S)
  • be creative and solve problems (S)
  • write for meaning and persuasion (S)
  • use vocational terminology (S)
  • use numeracy to manage work, add meaning and solve problems (S)


  • work collaboratively (S)
  • learn collaboratively (S)
  • present ideas verbally (S)




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