The Initial Assessment and Differentiation Controversy

The Initial Assessment and Differentiation Controversy session is designed to enable staff to:

  • set out a strategy to identify and articulate all potential barriers that may lead a learner to underperform or leave early
  • design differentiated support strategies to enable all learners to achieve outstanding outcomes
  • write learning outcomes that avoid the common errors
  • set out the indicators and strategy they will use to evaluate the extent to which learning barriers are being removed.
Session resources

To support delegates in their post-session conversations and the embedding of the practice discussed, please find all of the session resources below:

Collaborative resources
Follow-on resources
Other sessions you may find useful
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Did the session help you understand how commonplace teaching habits can reduce or deny the development of learners’ independent learning skills? Are you now able to see how you can constructively review your own practice? Please use the comments form to the right to leave us your thoughts. Are you experimenting with learners’ independent learning skills, and would you be willing to share your ideas for the benefit of others? Please use the email address on the Contact page and we’d be delighted to add your example to our growing resource.



  1. emmanuelle cuccolo
    August 31, 2021 @ 01:01 pm

    we could share resources instead of individually having to reinvent the wheel.

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