Perfecting Progress Reviews

The Perfecting Progress Reviews session is designed to enable staff to:

  • produce an aspirational quality standard for progress monitoring
  • set out the data with which to identify the very first signs of underperformance
  • use an understanding of the difference between differentiated learning outcomes and the differentiated support required to achieve outstanding learning outcomes to challenge current teaching and tutorial practice
  • evaluate the tutorial practice of others
  • set out development priorities for their own practice.
Resources for use during the session

To support delegates in their post-session conversations and the embedding of the practice discussed, please find all of the session resources below:

Support resources
Other resources you may find useful
Related sessions
Have your say:

Did the session help you understand how commonplace teaching habits can reduce or deny the development of learners’ independent learning skills? Are you now able to see how you can constructively review your own practice? Please use the comments form to the right to leave us your thoughts. Are you experimenting with learners’ independent learning skills, and would you be willing to share your ideas for the benefit of others? Please use the email address on the Contact page and we’d be delighted to add your example to our growing resource.



  1. John Invernizzi
    February 10, 2021 @ 04:04 pm

    Enjoyed the session! Lots to take in!

  2. Jules E Lowes
    October 7, 2021 @ 12:12 pm

    Really enjoyed today, it brought up some thinking points and discussion topics for our group.
    Very helpful.

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