Perfecting Development-Plan Writing (Online)

Development Planning may never be the same again


3.25-hour online training session.

Online resources

The Perfecting Development-Plan Writing session is designed to enable staff to:

  • identify the four most common issues with development plans
  • use their understanding of symptoms and issues to write the text needed for the beginning of a development-plan row
  • use their understanding of the volatile (reactive) data associated with root-cause issues to write effective monitoring strategies in their development plan
  • clearly articulate the issues associated with jumping to writing ‘actions’ too early in the development-planning process

Session resources

Perfecting Development-Plan Writing – Prezi presentation

Self-Assessment online training sessions

  • Perfecting self-assessment writing
  • Perfecting development plan writing & The Data Springboard
  • Introduction to the CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy
  • Using the CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy

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Did the session help you to understand how to avoid the typical mistakes people make when writing development plans? If so, how will your writing now change? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please use the comments form below or use the email address on the Contact page.  We’d be delighted to add your thoughts to our growing resource.


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