Sharing finance and MIS. Can it really be done?

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The race is on for FE colleges to save money in the shadow of reducing funding. But for three GFE colleges and one sixth form college, the challenge seems to be more about improving quality than cutting back. Can four autonomous institutions really share their engine rooms of finance and management information, or is this really just merger by the back door?

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Sunderland College, Tyne Metropolitan College, South Tyneside College, Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

In this follow-up film, Dr Kathy Bland, Project Director for the Federation of Strategic Services Project (FeSSP), has her say on: strategy, staffing, TUPE, pensions and VAT. The exhaustive journeys her projects have been through mean that others exploring the sharing of services will have a much easier time.

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The full case study on the FeSSP project can be found here.

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