Tasks 1 & 2 – Resolving the issues

Task 1 – Hunting the issues

Search sections of your self-assessment report for evidence of any of the five typical writing issues.  Annotate your document using the labels below:

  • Relative                                   R
  • Masking                                  M
  • Not Learner Centred            NLC
  • Systems focussed                  S
  • Descriptive                             D

If you cannot find any examples of the above issues, then please congratulate yourself on having potentially written some excellent self-assessment text!

Specifically, you are looking for two pieces of text to rewrite:

  1. A paragraph on an element of provision you are confident is ‘good’, but needs to be rewritten. [This element should NOT be outstanding.]
  2. A paragraph that has one or more of the five errors above, and so needs to be rewritten.

Task 2 – Issue rewrite

When you are happy with your choice of elements to be rewritten, please add the issue only to the wiki document below, where it will be shared anonymously in readiness for a collaborative activity. Please be aware that this is a Google Doc, so there is no save button. Take care not to overwrite anyone else’s text as there is no undo – all changes are saved immediately.

To fit this wiki to your window, please click ‘View’ and deselect both ‘Show ruler’ and ‘Show document outline’, and also change the 100% setting to ‘Fit’.