Tools for online engagement

  • Location     Zoom
  • Time           Monday April 26th (13:00 – 16:30)
  • Cost            £39

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3.5 hour interactive online training session.

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The pandemic has not caused a revolution in technology-enhanced learning. It has, however, changed voluntary use to compulsory. Tech-nuts, like me, are in pedagogy paradise right now, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.

Just one of the many challenges to overcome with online learning is to sift through the very many options available to find those with real pedagogy pedigree – tools that are effective in engaging learners and changing what they are able to do next. The technology we choose to assimilate into our teaching practice should enable us to be better, not worse. In this session, then, we will explore what enables us to move forward.

Along with firm pedagogy roots, here are some of the other criteria that the technology under review had to meet:

  • it has to be modelled in the session, not simply talked about
  • it has to be free, and
  • it has to produce a positive emotional response in our learners.

We’ll look at tools for pre-learning that make learners curious, interested, prepared and committed. We’ll look at in-lesson tools that create group learning from individual contributions and techniques for ensuring that every learner answers every question, rather than just the chosen few. And we’ll look at tools for ensuring that the lesson is just the beginning of the learning process.

Whether our learning stays online, or becomes a blend, this session will help delegates make the right pedagogy choices to benefit all of their learners.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, delegates will/be able to:

  • write a reflection on their experience of using each of the technologies under review
  • document their actual, and their learners’ potential, emotional response to each technology
  • identify the top three new technologies they will experiment with
  • set out a plan for a research lesson in which they will experiment with some of the new technologies.

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