Session title: Inspiring Induction Practices

Creating a blueprint for outstanding induction practice

Typical inspection issues

Did you know that due to the absence of Induction from the CIF, this essential step of the learner’s journey is rarely evaluated through either inspection or self assessment..


Inspiring Induction Practices is a half- or full-day face-to-face session. It is also available as a 2.5 hour webinar.

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Are your tutors clear what an outstanding induction programme looks like? The journey towards it begins by firmly establishing how you would like your learners to be different by the end of the induction experience. What are the skills they need right at the start of the course to enable them to achieve well on their first assignments? What culture do you need to establish at the start of a programme such that all learners moderate their behaviour so that it’s in line with expectations?

When the learner induction programme works well, staff reap the benefits all year. When it does not, staff may have lost their chance to create the perfect conditions for success.

The half-day version of this session develops both delegates’ mindset and skillset to help them create a transformational induction experience. In the full-day session, they’ll leave with tangible strategies.

Is your induction programme focused on motivating learners, creating aspiration and curiosity? Or is it governed by the necessities of timetabling and access to testing?

Only once you have set out the impact you want to have on learners’ skills and attitude can you design the perfect transformational induction experience.

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‘Preventable contact’ is the time teachers spend with learners in-between lessons to do such things as help them catch up and sort out under-performance issues. This can be exhausting. Imagine if your induction programme produced learners who could learn effectively independently and with peers, in a positive, can-do culture; and where attendance and punctuality issues simply don’t exist. This session is designed to help you develop an unmissable, unforgettable induction experience for your learners.

This session will enable delegates to:

  • produce an aspirational quality standard for Induction
  • explore the Formula for Happiness and set out its impact on the production of schemes of work and lesson plans for the extended induction period
  • prepare for inspection by setting out the implications of the Ofsted 2019 Education Inspection Framework.

What the delegates say

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The half-day version develops delegates skills to design a new induction experience; in the full-day version, delegates will go on to complete the first drat of their design. The half-day session can also be integrated with the following in a staff development day include:

This Inspiring Induction Practice session is also available as a 2.5 hour webinar.


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