Session title: Equality and diversity

Getting to the heart of embedding equality and diversity


Equality and diversity is a half-day session.

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Too often, equality and diversity training can look like the least appealing option on the staff development menu. It’s almost always framed as something staff have to do, or around what inspectors are looking for. This can result in equalities training feeling like an add-on to teachers’ day jobs – something they have to do for someone else. But it shouldn’t.

The core of equalities training is not Black History Month, or Understanding the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender learners, important British Values that they help represent. And it certainly isn’t pleasing Ofsted. Equalities training should focus on the single intention that all learners succeed at all stages of the learner’s journey: from recruitment to progression.

The step most organisations struggle with is Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Black History Month may well make a great centre piece for a tutorial session, but what will you do for the rest of the year? Ensuring all learners understand society’s stance on gay rights is great, but you’ll begin to have the wrong impact on learners if you bring it up in every pure maths lesson.

This desperation to ‘overtly embed E&D into every lesson’ can lead managers into initiative overload, and further blind staff from the real issues with their practice.

So how do you stop initiative overload and get staff to fully buy into the moral and business case for equalities? And how do you get teachers to understand the potentially seismic negative impact on individuals’ success of their commonplace teaching strategies? This session aims to do both.

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Do you ever feel that your liberal heart is not trusted to do the very best for your learners? And do you get that sinking feeling when you’re told that you must attend equality and diversity training? In this session, we get to the heart of equalities in such a way that will stop initiative overload and stop the guessing game about how to embed equalities in your lessons. But we may also expose some of your most commonplace teaching strategies for the negative impact they have on learners’ success.

This session will enable staff to:

  • define the impact they want to have with their equalities work
  • experience a range of equality and diversity classroom strategies to challenge, augment or confirm current practice
  • use their understanding of the negative impact on equality and diversity to challenge commonplace teaching techniques
  • use provocative debates to test learners’ understanding of equalities.

What the delegates say

  • It has changed my way of thinking about E&D.
  • Good to have a session which is active and literally using the strategies which it is teaching.
  • Knowledgeable and inspirational.
  • I will consider every aspect of how I deliver and how it impacts upon learners.

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Equality and Diversity is a half-day session. Typical uses in a staff development day include:

Equality and diversity (group 1) Equality and diversity (group 2)
Equality and diversity Independent learning
Equality and diversity ‘Yes, we’re all individuals’ Brian, 1979
Equality and diversity Transformational lesson observation
HoT Learning Equality and diversity
Data Springboard Equality and diversity


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