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Quality improvement

How would your organisation change if this statement was at the heart of everything you do?

  • Make the weakest part of your provision the best.

This is a very different aspiration to that of traditional self-assessment, which too often is to simply improve an element of provision until it is no longer a weakness. Too many quality improvement plans go on, at best, to show how provision will be improved to ‘good’, but rarely go beyond. But why?

This fundamental mistake, along with four others, is addressed in the session: Preparing for Live Self Assessment, but here’s a 30 second test to see if you too are guilty of capping your organisation’s aspirations: The ‘good’ bullet ‘however’ test.

Self assessment should be one of the most creative and rewarding aspects of our work, but it so rarely is. There is another way: Curious?

Teaching and learning

Are you confident that you know exactly what’s in the back of an inspector’s mind for a grade 1, outstanding, lesson? In straw polls of teachers (and observers), almost no one is.

How can teachers plan to be outstanding if they don’t know what it looks like? This is at the core of the HoT Learning session: The Hierarchy of Teaching & Learning. Follow-up sessions go on to give teachers techniques that in many cases they didn’t know existed. For instance:

  • have you ever had a learner hand written work in late? Would you be interested in a fool-proof solution that will mean learners will never hand their written assignments in late again; ever? See HoT2 for more information.

Continue your journey here: make teaching and learning outstanding.


We offer a range of established and bespoke support ranging from training for large groups of front-line staff, inspection preparation, self-assessment panels and health checks, to the evaluation and redesign of whole-organisation quality systems.

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