Unified Theory of Learning

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Task 1

  • Estimated time required: 30 minutes
  • Deadline: Thursday 4th February
  1. Read pages 6 to 9 of the set-off letter so that you can understand the starting point. Please ask any questions if it is not sufficiently clear.
  2. Consider both sets of Elements, the definitions and the Emotional Learning States from the perspective of your own setting. Do they work for you? If not, how might they be adjusted?
  3. How confident do you feel about using the Emotional Learning Elements (ELEs) as the common criteria for the Teaching Strategy cards? In other words, how would you feel about scoring every teaching strategy we list for its impact on each of the ELEs? [To answer this last question, it may be useful to read stage 3 on page 10 of the set-off letter.]

The current version is available to edit here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gDn0BzFKzoeZZiA4JYHRcYOnfg5pVn81O3hM-Uhpkro/edit?usp=sharing

Task 2 – Teaching Strategy cards

  • Estimated time required: 1 to 2 hours?
  • Deadline: Sunday 14th February
  1. Please read these instructions, then open the wiki here: Teaching Strategy Cards
  2. Think of your favourite learning theory. Which discrete teaching strategies does it produce? Complete rows for each.
  3. Think of your favourite teaching strategies and complete a row for each. State which theory and theorist this fits in with.
  4. What other strategies/learning theories should we include? Complete a row for each.
  5. Read the contributions of others.
    • Do they inspire more ideas?
    • Could you improve them with an edit? If so, then please do.
    • Could you improve them by adding to them? Again, please do.
    • If you feel any entries are way off or you have a question, then drop me a line and/or leave a note in brackets at the bottom of the respective ‘content’ column.
  6. None of us must be precious (particularly me!). It’s up to the collective experience of the group to ensure the cards are accurate and useful. But please be respectful when commenting on the work of others. If comments can be taken as abrupt and rude, then they probably will be…
  7. When completing a row, please add your initials in column 2. In the wiki, please complete, edit and review as many rows as you are able.
  8. If you need help with the Theory Category and/or Theorist, then do please look here: Learning Theory resource page. If you are still concerned about accuracy, then please change the text colour to red to signal help needed.
  9. And now for the tricky part. We have to stick to a maximum of about 100 words for the content description, but preferably fewer. 
  10. Highlight the ‘learning’ the strategy should produce in blue. 
  11. Finally, rate the impact of your content against each of the Emotional Learning Element headings: L (low), M (medium) or H (high). Please only us the initial. If you feel the rating will be different when considering a positive learner to when considering a challenging one, then give two scores, one on top of the other, respectively.


If any of this isn’t clear, do drop me a line and I can help via email, phone or Zoom.


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