Supercharged Evaluation Skills

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Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council

  • Fantastic lecturer with a great sense of knowledge and understanding. His approach was very professional.

Blackpool Adult Learning Service

  • Scaffolding! Waterfall of information to be flowed throughout organisation.

Bracknell and Wokingham College

  • I found the big picture element of this session stimulating and will reflect upon this in days to come. Extremely relevant to my current college.

Bury College

  • Much better understanding of differentiation and stretch and challenge.

Canterbury College

  • It’s clear that staff have been inspired by the ideas presented and are going to make positive changes to their practice as a result.

Derby College

  • The session has helped the fog to lift after a long summer break.

East Coast College

  • This was the best English lesson I’ve ever had, 🙂 Very enjoyable.


  • I plan to develop a vocational thesaurus and adapt the induction process to culminate in a ‘zone experience’.

Framework Housing Association

  • As a facilitator, I feel I’m now moving into a first class train carriage from second.

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

  • With tentative, smart steps I’ve been taken from the side of the stage to performing music in front of an audience.

Halton Borough Council

  • Work from desired impact backwards.

Highbury College

  • Good starting points and exercises that built up my understanding and encouraged me to think more creatively in terms of word colours and higher-order thinking skills.

Hopwood Hall College

  • I have been blown away by some of these lovely ideas. I am thinking in colour!!

Itchen College

  • Full-colour vocabulary – awesome.

Kingston College

  • Excellent day and hosts. It has made a huge positive impact.

Knowsley Community College

  • Love the scaffolding approach. Will use it, 100%.

Lancashire Adult Learning

  • A cacophony of rainbow adverbages that will initiate a colourful journey of language exploration throughout my teaching.

Leicester College

  • Changed my perception of differentiation. The most productive training event attended in a long while.


  • The pieces that were missing from the jigsaw puzzle have been found!

Newbubbles delegate, Portsmouth

  • Fantastic. Really keen to spend more time on these areas. First class.

New College Nottingham

  • Thinking beyond the straightjacket of my sector.
  • This is the best CPD session I have attended in at least 5 years – your facilitation style is brilliant!

Northern College

  • The ‘full colour’ writing is a brilliant way to enable students to understand what they need to do and how to do it.

North Lindsey College

  • Fast, furious and exciting.

North Nottinghamshire College

  • Epic.

Palmer’s College

  • Excellent!

Solihull College and University Centre

  • Zeus’ thunderbolt.

Stockport Continuing Education Service

  • An exquisite and engaging journey across the room.

Sunderland College

  • I will be using the colour-coded sentences in order to get learners to create effective analytical sentences.

Sussex Downs College

  • Like discovering a chocolate cake in a box labelled ‘chore’.

Weston College 

  • I found the strategies presented to be useful for providing a framework to consider learners’ learning skills. It prompted me to think about a process that all staff can use.

West Cheshire College

  • Inspiring! 🙂 Though we practise these philosophies already within the area, the structure of how to approach it holistically will help immensely in the planning of curriculum.

West Lancashire College

  • Loved the activities – very engaging and made me work, but in a confident and supported environment.

West Nottinghamshire College

  • My head is spinning with ideas!
  • I need to develop learners’ ability to give their opinions and my higher-order questioning skills.

West Thames College

  • Tony was very knowledgeable and it was extremely enlightening to revisit differentiation and stretch & challenge. I now feel more equipped to ask higher-order questions.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed all the input and the professional approach.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • Wow!


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