Perfecting Self-Assessment Writing

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Ashton-under-Lyne Sixth Form College

  • Very enjoyable – held a large group for a whole day – impressive.

Askham Bryan College

  • Excellent event, very inspiring.

Babcock International

  • How you have always done something may not always be right!

Belfast Metropolitan College

  • Plato’s cave

Bexley College

  • I finally understand self assessment which has never been correctly explained. I understand how and why.

Birmingham Metropolitan College

  • I have grown an extra finger on my hand.

Buxton and Leek College

  • It has enabled me to look at how I can improve and perfect writing a good quality SAR. Tony was a great presenter.

Bryson Futureskills

  • I have gained a better insight into how to write an SAR. Very enjoyable.

Cambridge Regional College

  • Thoroughly enjoyed an outstanding session. 4 1/2 hours seemed like 30 mins!

Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

  • New perspective on old topic.

Chesterfield College

College of West Anglia

  • Self assessment is a wonderful process but when in the throws, I find I am often too close to spot where I trip up. Your session today clearly offered insight and tools that I can use to improve. I will also approach SAR with a refreshed perspective and mindset.

Collyer’s (The College of Richard Collyer)

  • Keeping a firm grasp of the two pointers – ‘so what’ and ‘however’ – will help me to think more clearly.

Coventry Adult Education Service

  • I think as a team, we need to go back to our QIP issues! (e.g. falsely labelling things as issues when they are symptoms.)

Crosby Training

  • The session was excellent and the tutor made me wish I was just starting my teaching career!

Customized Training

  • Helped me think about the SER (SAR) in relation to impact on the learner.

East Coast College

  • Someone has turned the light on, let’s avoid the powercut!

Education & Training Inspectorate (Northern Ireland)

  • Greater understanding of the dynamics of self-evaluation and development planning.

Farnborough Sixth Form College

  • I am in your debt because I don’t think I’ve ever received so much reflected glory for staging yesterday and having so many people, even the cynics, fired up!

Federation of work-based learning providers, Northern Ireland

  • It helped me clarify the purpose of self evaluation and that quality is better than quantity.

Flexible Training

  • It made SAR more understandable.

Gloucestershire College

  • Everything was considered from a different angle and a new light was shed on issues.

Grimsby Institute

  • It was the opening first ascent on a rollercoaster leading to that tipping point when you shout ‘Wahey!’ and just ‘get it’ as you go over the top!

Halesowen College

  • I am a rocket on the way to the moon.

Harrow College

  • Hard work, but uplifting.

Hull College

  • Like a breath of fresh air – seeing clearly behind all the jargon, rhetoric and fancy words to impress SLT or Ofsted. It needs to be real!

Huntingdonshire Regional College

  • Writing judgements which are objective: the practical session on this was excellent.

JTJ Workplace Solutions

  • A true light bulb moment.

Learning Curve Group

  • It made me realise how easy it is to fall into the habit of being too descriptive and the reasons that this happens.

Leeds Arts University

  • Need to be a football manager – learnt to assess on-going, not at the end.

Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service

  • So much to reflect on! All was thought provoking and interesting.

Leicester College

  • I am considering how, as a College, we can use this training to support curriculum/departments in writing their SARs.

Lincoln College International

  • As always a session to make me reflect and consider how I can develop myself and my skill set and therefore any team I work alongside.

Liverpool Adult Learning Service

  • Helped me identify where we need to make changes to our own system so that we are fully evaluating the impact on learners. Also made me aware of how we need to make changes to other aspects of quality assurance to ensure ‘connectivity’.

MidKent College

  • Ironed the wrinkles out of my brain.


  • Sunshine on a cloudy day.

New College Nottingham

  • Finally SAR writing seems worthwhile!


  • I have understood for the first time how to write an SAR.

Northern Ireland Careers Service

  • I am more aware of how using the right language can change the relevance of self assessment.

Northern Ireland learning and skills providers

  • Inspirational, provocative.

North Lindsey College

  • (Now) relooking at something we have felt confident at doing for years.

People 1st (Northern Ireland)

  • Peeling back layers of bureaucracy to get to the kernel of the self-evaluation process.

Preston’s College

  • Extremely helpful. Will bin the descriptive language and use the key words: judgement/subject/impact.

Quest Training

  • A new lens.

Rotherham College

  • Light bulb moment regarding ‘Live Self Assessment’ vs. ‘historical self assessment’.

Rutledge Job Link

  • Simple, easy to understand model, this will be implemented in Rutledge as result of today’s sessions.

Sefton Community Learning Service

  • Every session I have attended with Tony has been excellent, inspiring and really makes me reflect on our current practice, providing plenty of ways on how we can improve. Excellent, thank you.

Shift Media

  • Good range of resources, well explained and comfortably engaging.

South Downs College

  • My SAR glasses were cleaned and polished (hell, the frames were changed too).

South Eastern Regional College, Northern Ireland

  • It was like my first day at SER [SAR] school – despite 10 years of experience.

SPS Training

  • Revisiting my entire SAR process to be an internal document as opposed to a PR activity for contract re-negotiations.

Sutton Community Academy

  • The creative way in which this subject was explored and the way it has a ‘real’ (rather than theoretical) application.


  • Tony provided clear guidance and pushed the limits of understanding too. The session really made me think differently! I’ve been thinking about masking since the session and including the “however” where something is not quite outstanding and how we can use both these methods better.

The Derbyshire Network

  • Very thought provoking – Lots of ideas to go away with!

The Oxford Partnership (Saudi Arabia)

  • The sessions were brilliantly delivered. Tony is extremely knowledgeable and his approach is sensitive and encouraging.

The Sheffield College

  • Lateral thinking – back to purpose. This was excellent!

Tresham College

  • Inspirational! I have a lot of work ahead of me rewriting our SAR!!

University College Isle of Man

  • Coming out of the woods into a glade..

Wade Training

  • Excellent session.

Warwickshire Adult & Community Learning

  • It gave me licence to be honest about what is and isn’t working.

Western Health & Social Care Trust

  • Will change how I operate.

Wirral Council Lifelong Learning Service

  • Session made us (the group) think about some very fundamental issues… Like why are we doing it and who for? Critical for any purposeful outcome.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • Great session – lots of food for thought and supported my own views on what a SAR should be. I will be using the session contents to review and evaluate our SAR process. The session was interactive, Tony’s approach is very engaging and he gave valuable time to discussing the various activities with other delegates, which I found very useful.

Wrightbus (NI)

  • It will change the way I write. I did not realise I was so descriptive.

York College

  • It helped me to see the way in which your SA process is new and innovative.


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