Implementing Live Self Assessment (Quality Standard development)

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Business Advice Direct (national learndirect provider)

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for the day. It’s certainly sent a buzz around the company and were planning Phase 2 of it at our next Regional Meetings.

Canterbury College  (support staff)

  • Useful but scary.
  • It was inspiring and a chance to discuss how each member of the team will have an impact on students.

Harrow College

  • A mystery tour of an adventure island.
  • Thinking about the end goal and reverse engineering the actions.

MidKent College (Service Area staff)

  • A refreshing view of how to achieve my dream 😉

North Hertfordshire College

  • The best input we’ve had by miles!
  • Moving from black and white to Technicolor.

Sussex Downs College (phase 1)

  • Low aspirations can act like a lead balloon, weighing down achievements. For both staff and students to flourish, aspirational conditions need to be set in place to do so.
  • Time to break the mould!

Sussex Downs College (phase 2)

  • Stimulating, creative, sincere, pedantic, challenging, CREATIVE (pragmatic), open.
  • Creating a new culture and investing in the future.

Sussex Downs College (phase 2 – support staff)

  • Excited by the changes that we can make. Apprehensive about the journey of getting there, however, this does not diminish my enthusiasm!
  • I feel excited about re-evaluating inherited processes that we in our department always challenge. We are looking forward to the whole college being set in the mindset of change, and change for the better! And making it happen!

Sussex Downs College (phase 3)

  • Excellent stimulus material and a fantastic working environment. Challenging and enjoyable.

Workforce Training (NI)

  • Tested, challenged but enthused.
  • We feel that drawing this (quality standard) up ourselves rather than having it thrust upon us has given us much more understanding and a feeling of ownership
  • To have it (quality standard) in a working document is excellent.


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