HoT Learning – The Hierarchy of Teaching & Learning

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Belfast Metropolitan College

  • Can’t wait to get started!

Gloucestershire College

  • This was brilliant, if we don’t have any other training this year I’d be happy to wait until Tony can return.

Havering College

  • Simply the best, most engaging and useful training I’ve had in nearly 15 years of teaching.

Hertford Regional College

  • I’m no longer in a coal mine with a box of matches.

Huntingdonshire Regional College

  • Like someone throwing me a very different but exciting new torch to illuminate the dark corridor I’ve wandered down.

Isle of Wight College

  • Fully understand what is needed in a grade 1 lesson.

Itchen College

  • A rollercoaster.

Kendal College

  • Space travel.

North East Worcestershire College

  • Like taking the stabilizers off your bike.

North Hertfordshire College

  • Everything becomes connected. Made me nervous/excited about continuing to develop my teaching and learning.

Northern Regional College (NI)

  • I would like to say how stimulating, informative and inspiring your CPD sessions were. You have even got an old cynic enthused.

North Warwichshire & South Leicestershire College

  • Prometheus unbound.

People 1st (Northern Ireland)

  • From a spark to a flame.

Peterborough Regional College

  • I found this the most useful and helpful training/workshop the college has ever provided. Ofsted inspection? Bring it on!

Portsmouth College

  • A high-flying jet now going into outer-space!

Reading College

  • One of the most inspiring learning experiences in my life and I will undoubtedly change what I do and how I do it.

Reaseheath College

  • Totally made me realise the difference between grade 2 and grade 1!

Richard Taunton College

  • It helped me articulate what I thought was gut instinct and feeling.

Sparsholt College

  • Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!

Totton College

  • I came, I saw, I will get a grade 1!

Wakefield College

  • I will find it easier to articulate what an outstanding lesson consists of.

West Yorkshire Music Services

  • A reluctant child finding that they do like peas when they finally try them.


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