Assessment and the Art of Lazy Teaching

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East Coast College

  • It is like taking a lift to better practice.
  • Walking into the light. I will incorporate one of the strategies into my teaching each week.
  • Inspired – on cloud 9.
  • Tony’s enthusiasm is amazing, hope he is going to return.
  • Educational. I am amazed at how well you know your own resources.
  • Developmental! [I need to] Incorporate more formative assessment techniques in every session.
  • Excellent use of games (and Top Trumps!)
  • Practical resources to walk away with to embed in sessions. I would personally like to attend more sessions like this – inspiring to my teaching.

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

  • Lots I had never heard of. Was great!
  • Road to improvement. I am open to trying new ideas to bridge students – formative feedback. This session was brilliant!
  • [I need to] Read the 50 ‘tips’ and try some per week (2-3) and reflect on what works and for what groups.
  • Very much enjoyed this session. Very practical. Great team bonding. I can see me using these ideas in class.
  • Engaged. Killer questions.

Stoke College

  • My brain feels soaked in knowledge.
  • A rocket to the moon.
  • Meerkat teaching – I want all my lessons to be Meerkat!
  • I will endeavour to use 5 new assessment techniques in lessons by half term. I will try them and reflect on how they can be improved for my learners and my subject to build excellent learning skills.
  • It was like the Snap, Crackle & Pop when making my cereal!
  • [I need to] Be prepared to take risks; try new things.
  • This is the only useful and inspiring CPD I have had in my long years at this college. Thank you!

The Learning Foundry

  • I will be concentrating on learners enjoying the journey rather than just completing the journey (end results).
  • I did not know there were 50 assessment strategies – I now have a lot more to think about! Very interactive.
  • Great session, thank you. Excellent resources.
  • [I need to] Apply different methods to sessions, allow learners to take ownership and be independent, and make sessions more engaging.
  • I really enjoyed the session and particularly the interactive games.
  • Full review of all sessions and look at how to adapt and change assessment methods.
  • Helped me understand formative assessment. I will now put this into practice with learners. Really good session.
  • Tony, you’re an inspiration. Don’t change, unless you feel it would make you better, in which case do as you want, I’m not the boss of you.

West Lancashire College

  • Change is in the air! I am definitely going to implement some of the strategies learnt in this session.
  • Purposeful, creative, engaging.
  • It helped me understand the importance of formative assessment and how these can be implemented simply within all sessions.
  • Really enjoyed the Community Challenge game and the chance to apply the strategies to given scenarios and discuss differing perspectives.
  • Caterpillar to a butterfly.
  • Attitude-shifting journey.

Wirral Metropolitan College

  • This was super engaging and it felt emotional to have someone stand up and truly understand. Thank you.
  • I will certainly develop assessment strategies as a result of this session and take some risks regarding these.
  • A bright, new horizon today…. new things to learn after numerous years in education. A fantastic session Tony. Thank you.
  • The games were an excellent strategy to use.
  • Sparkling ideas.
  • 100% common sense.
  • The Fifty Shades and Community Challenge. Would love these cards please.


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