Achieving Grade 1 for Employability Skills

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Runshaw College

  • Possibly the best training session since I started here.
  • Paradigm shift.
  • The session helped me to see past the current issues and identify our current strengths. We need to work backwards and improve understanding and ‘buy in’ from students to improve placement and skill development success. Excellent session. Very motivational.
  • Excellent delivery, which was exceptionally engaging. This has given me insight which I will now share with the rest of the team.
  • Thought provoking and inspiring! Reflect, reflect, reflect!
  • It’s made me want to reflect what I do on my own course/department, identify areas of improvement and use the top employability skills to devise motivating and engaging employability activities.
  • I enjoyed the ‘write your own Ofsted report’ exercise using the grade 1 words – highlighted what I need to achieve.
  • Forward with confidence.
  • Transferable skills and specific ‘projects’ to be involved with other their placements. The need to also quantify their development whilst on placement.
  • Developed my realisation for the need to have measurable outcomes to assess development of skills.
  • Guidance is an issue for tutors and leaders of courses. This is the first direction I have had. Thank you.
  • Michael Craig-Martin’s ‘An oak tree’. It helped to expand my understanding of the challenges faced whilst also enlightening me towards a new perspective.
  • Creating a new path across the gap between college and employability. It has helped to understand what is ahead regarding Ofsted.
  • I’ve walked across the carpet.
  • [I need to] Try to make wider connections on how English/literacy can impact upon their employability. Make more use of real life scenarios and links to their subjects.
  • [Now] Thinking about being creative. Thinking about what we do after work placement.
  • [I need to] Develop students’ responsibility, encourage them to take more ownership, explain that all experiences are valuable – good or bad.
  • Particularly looking at how we would want Ofsted to describe our contribution to employability skills.

Wakefield College

  • Arrived discouraged – left uplifted.
  • Today’s session was an employability dream.
  • Theme park.
  • I’ve been inspired to be more creative and dream bigger.
  • We need to review our scheme of work and how we deliver it.
  • Shining a light on creativity in education.
  • I have unlocked my creative thoughts by realising ‘I’ could make a difference.
  • Today is the start of a journey.
  • Thought provoking and challenging session. Will introduce some skill development project work into sessions.
  • Grade 1 session.
  • [I need to] Try to be more creative and let the students lead their learning more, and apply more directly to employment skills.
  • Quite challenging for one who is not naturally creative.
  • Snowball of exciting ideas.
  • Fantastic and enthusiastic delivery.
  • [We need] To be more aspirational with our goals and expectations of our learners.
  • Fantastic – I really enjoyed the half day of actual practical ideas.
  • Made me think and approach it differently.
  • Showed what Ofsted are looking for and how we can start developing these skills.
  • A thoroughly enjoyable session that has broadened my understanding of how skills are measured.
  • Like opening a new door.
  • Supported employment should have this as part of their induction/training.
  • I’ve walked the carpet! J
  • Will embed/refer to Top 10 Employability Skills for horticulture placement.
  • Outstanding session, great communications and very knowledgeable.
  • Highlighted how we can work as a college to achieve this – really helped.
  • [I need] To focus more on outcomes of actual skills and make these skills transparent to learners.
  • Broadening horizons.
  • Focus on skills development and take a project approach to assignment work.
  • Really inspiring.


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