Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

I have a large collection of lesson plans from many years of observation work (thank you teachers!) One of the things I’m interested in researching is how well the learning outcomes have been written. Have a guess how many in my evidence base are written ‘correctly’. Spoiler alert: around 10%. It’s not surprising really, as many of us live our lives by writing ‘to-do’ lists; and that’s what most of the learning outcomes are too. Trouble is, if the objective is simply to ‘do stuff’ in a lesson, then too often the assessment strategy is just an audit of whether or not ‘stuff was done’.

In this image, ‘learner A’ is over at the right of the frame. By the end of the lesson, they need to have walked the carpet and become ‘learner B’. If they don’t leave your lesson as a different person, then both teacher and learner could legitimately ask whether that was an unmissable learning experience.

Learning outcomes express how our learners should be different by the end of the lesson. But there’s much more to it than that.. If you’re curious to know more, then do please come and join us on Wednesday afternoon, January 20th, from 1:00 to 4:30. www.ccqi.org.uk/learningoutcomesonline

Learning Outcomes for Independent Learning

The proactive development of independent learning skills

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