North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College

HoT Learning

  • Inspirational, though provoking.
  • Happiness = success in teaching.
  • Someone came into the room and said, You’re right, the Emperors not wearing any clothes!
  • My head is spinning with ideas.
  • Falling down a rabbit hole with Alice and developing a new perspective.
  • Lovely atmosphere, engaging activities, stimulating.
  • Awakening!
  • Really liked the development plan – will trial using it on a weekly basis to improve classroom problems.
  • Prometheus unbound.

Data Springboard

  • Emerging from the dark into light!
  • Thank you, an opportunity to shift culture and start change.
  • The fog cleared.
  • Feel back in focus, and full of hope.
  • You’re a lighthouse!!
  • Feel energised after this – not worn out.
  • I love data, but this session gave me more ideas.
  • I’m not really into data, but the need for it and the relevance of it became apparent as the session progressed.
  • An excellent day. Tony is an outstanding communicator, enthusiastic and energising.
  • Ideas flooded in and I made copious notes.

Transformational Lesson Observation

  • I am excited about the possibility of change.
  • Observations could be such a positive driving force – at present they are not.
  • I like to sing, but I now want to write the song!
  • Best CPD I have engaged in re observation training.
  • Inspirational system.
  • Focus on questions after an observation rather than providing feedback.
  • We need a new system that eliminates fear and fosters creativity.
  • Inspired.
  • Change how I feedback – focus more on coaching model practised in the session.
  • I shall use all the information, ideas and concepts, building them into my work as an observer in order to support colleagues in actively improving impact and learning.
  • It is regrettable that the ‘architects’ of the system were not present.
  • Inspirational. Left me with a desire to make a positive change within the organisation.
  • Changing culture is challenging.
  • Eye-opening.
  • Lesson observation is to improve teaching and learning and not mirror Ofsted.
  • The observation system needs a complete rethink following these guidelines.
  • Why aren’t we doing this already!!


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