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Tricked out tutorials

  • Another excellent session. I experienced another session which was led by Tony many years ago. One of the very few I have remembered!!
  • A candle being lit.
  • Inspired.
  • Lots of ideas, particularly with regard to changing the focus from process to progress.

Data Springboard

  • Staff have come away inspired and filled with enthusiasm to start implementing changes, so very many thanks for lighting so many fuses.
  • Someone asked, on my return, whether the training session was good and I replied “Brilliant!” – then they asked what it was about and I was as surprised as they were when I replied “Data and SAR!”
  • An explosion of ways to do things differently and more effectively.
  • Very relevant and thought provoking session, delivered with infectious enthusiasm. An excellent learning experience.
  • A member of the A level Business team has just popped into my office to say she can’t believe the whole team are still here at this time on the last day of term and completely absorbed in planning their volatile indicator for next year!
  • Stunning
  • Will greatly help me to improve learner experiences and opportunities.
  • Fantastic session.
  • I have really enjoyed the session especially the visual actions to aid explanations.
  • This session has changed my thinking completely.
  • Realisation that data is not just a lot of figures.
  • This journey has reignited my curiosity!
  • Particularly useful re volatile indicators; I can envisage some useful data now!
  • Wow!
  • Inspirational. Has renewed my enthusiasm to create curiosity and success.
  • A torch being given a far more powerful battery – or rather, being given several torches to shine in different directions!
  • Helped me to start thinking about data as real people (learners) rather than abstract numbers for management purposes.
  • You made data sound interesting.
  • Great to focus on 100% meaningful, relevant data.
  • Rocket propelled.
  • One step back, two steps forward.
  • An excellent session which held by attention throughout.
  • An escalator ride to learning.
  • Opens a new gateway to learning.
  • Data isn’t numbers.

Preparing for Live Self Assessment

  • My SAR glasses were cleaned and polished (hell, the frames were changed too).
  • This really confirmed what we essentially already knew, but were afraid to state.
  • Extremely invigorating and informative, refreshing to see a new approach to what is currently an onerous process.
  • I think I’ve learnt to write for myself and not just for my line manager – and to enjoy the process.
  • The whole session was insightful.
  • How to write an SAR of real value.
  • Interesting, informative, stimulating.
  • Have started the climb to creating the perfect SAR.
  • Thank you, you have inspired me.
  • Well done Tony. You removed much of the anxiety and pressure of SAR writing for most of the course managers especially those new to the role.
  • Excellent course – lots of light bulb moments!
  • Will not find completing SAR so daunting.
  • A really enjoyable morning that has inspired me to go away and improve everything I do!
  • I am looking forward to writing this year’s SAR for me.
  • An excellent experience – I didn’t want it to end.
  • I was very sceptical – how can SARs be interesting or useful? However, Tony delivered an inspirational session leaving me with a completely different view of SAR and how it can contribute and improve learner journey.
  • I arrived as a rabbit with floppy ears – focussed only on end-of-term paperwork, but pricked up my ears quickly once relevance and curiosity took over.
  • It was good to listen to expert knowledge from a reliable source.
  • Ferrari.
  • Excellent style of delivery – engaged our tired and quite exhausted staff!
  • A pleasure to observe and experience so much enthusiasm.
  • Will change whole approach to SARs.


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