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21st Century Pedagogy

  • A roller-coaster ride on a magic carpet of independence, with the culture of dependency teaching swept firmly under its frayed edges!
  • The rug has been shaken – the carpet beaten! I’m now excited to show it off to my learners – who can and will stomp all over and across it!
  • I will revamp my lesson planning and get to grips with my objectives! I will most certainly enjoy making my weaknesses my most valuable assets!
  • It was great. I’d actually say, for the first training session ever, I’d like it to be longer!
  • A transportation back up to my blue-sky thinking.
  • Got me to think about how to actively empower the learners more.
  • [I need to consider] Timing of displaying outcomes in class; working of outcomes – consider ‘mind’ outcomes; think of the characteristics of the ‘expert’ learner.
  • ‘…gives you wings!’
  • A good curry. Thinking up creative ideas. Raising curiosity in learners.
  • Magic carpet
  • [I need to] Encourage curiosity/expert learning traits. Really enjoyed the day, thank you.
  • Inspirational.
  • [I need to reconsider] The way I write lesson plans/learning outcomes.
  • Flying high.
  • I will change my session outcomes to enable students to become more independent.
  • Eye-opening. Thought provoking.
  • I am going to use the summer break to re-find the enthusiasm I started teaching with!

Live Self Assessment

  • A light at the end of the (SAR) tunnel. It should be learner-focused. Enjoyed the session.
  • A ray of light in the clouded sky of SAR.
  • Finding out root causes/issues. Looking at live rather than ‘terminal’ data.
  • Great idea to use the learner journey as a scaffold for identifying quality.
  • The SAR should become a more useful document. Purposeful – facilitating change.
  • Really useful, practical, enjoyable session.
  • Some clarity has emerged from the chaos!
  • I’ve changed my glasses and can now see clearly.
  • Helped me identify where we need to make changes to our own system so that we are fully evaluating the impact on learners. Also made me aware of how we need to make changes to other aspects of quality assurance to ensure ‘connectivity’.
  • [Helped me see] The importance of having professional standards for all aspects of our work.
  • I am glad that we’ve had the opportunity to get help to move this forwards.
  • I feel I have a good understanding, but the session helped me to refocus my approach and the framework. It also helped me think more broadly about aspects of the provision that we don’t focus on enough within the SAR.

The CCQI Self-Assessment Strategy

  • A ray of sunshine through a dark cloud 🙂
  • This was really good individual feedback and support given throughout. Very enjoyable.
  • Basing it [self-assessment] on issues/root causes and learner journey.
  • Enlightenment is mine… ‘however’. Today I heard the click!
  • Not nearly the finished article, but it did all start to make sense today.
  • Hopefully we will have a better system – identifying root causes and actions to improve – more systematic approach. Hopefully more effective!
  • Very enjoyable and useful session.

Transformational Lesson Observation

  • Exciting times ahead.
  • Lightbulb moment. Change to make a difference, not for change sake.
  • The learning was a sunflower, nice and bright and cheerful! (With edible seeds!)
  • The session was excellent. Well facilitated and gave some very good ideas on developing the process of the observation into a developmental model.
  • I will take more of a coaching approach to eliciting development ideas from tutors.
  • [I will] Focus on tutor as a professional. Develop professional ethos and pride in our work and ourselves.
  • Really enlightening and enjoyable. Will put it all into practice.
  • [I will] Ask more open questions which encourage tutor to evaluate session and identify how to develop.
  • (I need to) Change/adapt lesson plan and SoW to match Lesson Reflection From content.
  • A sunshine moment. The session encouraged a sense of self reflection on how I have traditionally observed and given feedback, then moving forward to using OTLAs as a development tool.
  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More


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