Isle of Wight College

HoT Learning

  • Outstanding, thoroughly enjoyed the session.
  • Fully understand what is needed in a grade 1 lesson.
  • Steeplechase – high fences – got there in the end!
  • It has showed me that every lesson is an event not to be missed.
  • The concepts of curiosity and transformation teaching has profound consequences. I must move into these areas and dig out the gold in my students.

HoT2 – Techniques for engaging learners

  • Made me think about how I do things and the way I can improve strategies.
  • I got some great ideas to use in my lesson, thanks!!
  • I needed this input to advance towards next year. My energy had been dissipated, but has been rekindled.
  • I believe I am on the right train, and it has just sped up.
  • This is a really great session to help focus planning for the new year – it gives focus and allows new thought. I’m quite excited at the thought of planning :).

“Yes, were all individuals” Bryan, 1979

  • Toboggan ride.
  • Very informative – couldn’t be better.
  • I can see coaching and Q&A in a completely new way.
  • Have learnt a lot from this especially on the questioning techniques.
  • Coaching was new to me. Good practical session.
  • Reopened my eyes!
  • So much to take away as a manager.
  • A re-awakening.
  • Like exploring in the woods.
  • This is one of the most useful development sessions I have attended.
  • Thoroughly enjoyable, yet useful!
  • I leave today with lots of ideas for my teaching and my students learning.
  • Back to the drawing board in an exciting way.
  • A new direction to follow – lots more focus on how I use my teaching time.
  • Loads of food for thought – has really opened my eyes to what I already do and how I can do it better.
  • It has highlighted my tendency (or comfort) to teach towards the more able..
  • Mind changing.
  • This should culminate in a regular teaching and learning group to assess practice.
  • It persuaded me that differentiation is very important. The benefits to learners is well worth the extra planning effort.
  • Just to say many thanks for organising the Tony Davis training yesterday. He is so inspiring and we are lucky to have had his input into our professional development.



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