Halton Borough Council

Supercharged Evaluation Skills

  • Confused – Meerkat – Light bulb!
  • I was captivated for the whole two sessions. Lots of Meerkat moments going on J.
  • Work from desired impact backwards.
  • Excellent day. Very thought provoking.
  • Excited to try, I am!
  • Really enjoyable learning.

The RED System: Transforming lesson observation

  • Changed the direction of my thinking in terms of observation and impact on learning.
  • Holding a mirror up to habits I didn’t fully recognise I had developed.
  • I am now more aware of my propensity to offer advice and solutions that are not invited.
  • Invaluable advice and very refreshing to have a speaker open to discussion.
  • Having the paperwork to give a framework to any future improvements has been very helpful.

Transformational lesson observation

  • A caterpillar emerging from its cocoon and transforming into a beautiful butterfly.
  • It has transformed my way of planning and to now look at how my lesson will impact the learners.
  • Seeing the light through the trees.
  • Excellent. (Will) definitely use ‘What do you think the impact was…’
  • Putting impact under the microscope.
  • Welcome the emphasis on impact rather than process.
  • Very thought provoking and would love to debate all day on this subject!


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