The dependable rock in their turbulent world

Today, one of my delegates gave a beautiful answer to one of my questions. The group was talking about the reasons a learner may find it difficult to concentrate, but I wouldn’t allow the debate to focus on external, social or domestic issues. The debate was great and the reasons given were incisive. At the end, I asked the group why they thought I’d choreographed the debate away from external factors. My reasoning is that too many front-line staff try […]


Middle managers to tamper with reality

Marbled heart

The key message, or rather the key frustration, that came out of a recent event was a very powerful, interesting and worrying one. We were looking at self assessment. Staff overwhelmingly thought of their self-assessment regime as bureaucratic – something to be hated; tolerated at best. I’d been brought in by senior management to help front-line staff write judgement-rich, evaluative text rather than simply descriptions of what they do and out-and-out PR. It was when we started digging into their writing […]